The Team

  • David Handel
    Co-founder, COO
  • Lisa Santos
    Director of Client Success
  • Shanon Lewis
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Ariel Hagaman
    Director of Client
  • Lev Mazin
    Co-founder and CEO
  • Evgeny Gorbunov
    Director of Engineering
  • Stephanie Vance
    Director of Research
  • Leonard Murphy
    Senior Strategic
  • Vasily Kazantsev
    Software Architect
  • Vlad Moskovets
    Head of DevOps
    Back-end developer
  • John Crites
  • Ivan Konanykhin
  • Susan Gunelius
    Director of Marketing Communications
  • Janel Hagaman
    Sales Support Manager
  • Brianna Boyer
    Research Manager
  • Stacey Penczak
    Project Manager
  • Ta'Quanyia Stallworth
    New Client Experience
  • Erica Maldonado
    Client Success
  • Oksana Kushko
    Front-end Developer
  • Alexandra Carlini
    Project Management Assistant
  • April Smallwood
  • Michelle May
    Sr. Manager of Demand Generation
  • Roman Masalov
    Back-end Developer
  • Daria Khaylova
    Senior QA Engineer
  • Iakov Pustilnik
    Back-end Developer
  • Sergey Moiseev
    Front-end Developer
  • Alexander Marychev
    Back-end developer
  • Oleg Antonyan
    Back-end Developer
  • Julia Kits
    Front-end Developer
  • Alexandra Demina
    Logistics Coordinator
  • Daria Orlova
    QA Engineer
  • Clare Brown
    Community Manager
  • Sergey Ivanov
    Front-end developer
  • Alex Romanenko
    Back-end developer
  • Michael Akopyants
    Back-end developer
  • Alexander Negoda
    Back-end developer
  • Dominique Hernandez
    Clent Support